Paleo at Disney

After a lot of thought and excuses and lack of determination and motivation, I’m finally starting my journey to a Paleo lifestyle. I had my last piece of cake for APATOTSS birthday yesterday (okay, I had a few last pieces of cake), and today I’m done. I’m ready to feel energized and to lose weight and all around like my body better and treat it that way.

I’m excited to start this, and I feel 100% ready. It will be an interesting change getting rid of so many foods I’ve depended on in the past. I’m committed to still go out to eat with my friends and not feel like I’m on a diet and can’t eat anything. Instead, I can’t wait to find other options from my normal orders and see the outcome of that. I still want to go to the parks and be able to eat, but eat things that fit closer to the Paleo guidelines than what I’m used to. Being familiar enough with park food, I know it isn’t impossible to find better Paleo options to make due when I’m on property.

So…wish me luck?


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