Paleo and Training

Today was day 3 of being Paleo. Usually by now on a “diet” you think “What the hell am I doing?! I want to cheat!” But so far I haven’t had any major sense of desperation as far as food goes. There’s honestly something really exciting about walking around Whole Foods and knowing that it’s a whole new world of health.

I had found some recipes that I wanted to try, and since it was my day off, I went hard-core grocery shopping. A lot of the stuff I got cost more than I would like to spend on food, but much of it was stuff that I’ll use for a while. A jar of coconut oil is $20, but it’ll take me a while to use it. Almond flour is a good $12, but there’s no way I can use it all that quickly. So that how I excuse myself for spending $130 between Publix and Whole Foods. 

I made Cauliflower mashed potatoes which were pretty good (for cauliflower), and Mango bars (which I kind of messed up, but they still taste good) and then went to DHS for a few hours. I’d definitely make both again, and will probably try different fruit variations to the mango bars. It’ll be a lot easier to make those when I have a big food processor. I only have a very small one so had to make it in halves so the consistency was a little off. But overall it was a good recipe.

After being home for a little bit,  I went on a two-mile run. I’m ready to start training for the Tower of Terror run as well as the Princess Half, (oh god…registration for that is next month. Ugh. Money.) so with this added energy from eating right, making a little time for running should be easier–let’s hope.

So, day three and I’m still doing alright!


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