30 Day of Writing Prompts

I’m striving to be a better writer. It’s been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, but I’m very out of practice. In 7th grade, I wrote, formatted, and sent out my own newsletter to friends and family. In high school I was on the newsletter and yearbook staff. All throughout high school and college, I not-so-secretly loved any writing assignment I was given, whether I cared for the topic or not. Being able to bullshit through an essay on a novel I didn’t read or a moment in history I didn’t care about was a thrill for me. Who knows how many blogs I’ve started and forgotten about in the past because I didn’t live an interesting enough life or have enough of my own thoughts to keep up with them. When I have an idea for a story I want to write, I lose motivation and tear myself down because my plots lose (or never had in the first place) their points. But practice makes perfect, and I’ve been practicing.

I’ve always wanted to do something with my life that includes writing. But I want to write on my own terms. Being a journalist would be fun, but there are so many articles I had to write and meet the deadline, but I had no passion for it. Taking a creative writing class would be neat, but I much prefer this kind of outlet where I can express my opinions on things that matter to me in my world. So as much as I love to write, I have no real desire to be a journalist or an author as a career. With that being said, I wouldn’t complain if I had one of those “cool” blogs that strangers follow. Not to monetize my blog, but just as a real person that has a real life that people are interested in. But that’s a shot in the dark  because I’m a little too boring still for that. An item on my bucket list is to write a book. With my love of reading and writing, I feel like it’s the obvious option for me to do someday. Again, it’s a long way off because I have 4.3 million prompts in my head but no driving plot. Maybe someday my writing will mean something.

So, to help aid my practice and passion for writing, I found an article of writing prompts for the month of June. The first 9 I will do all together in the next post, then I hope to keep up every day or so in succession with the rest. I love writing prompts and the freedom they allow you once you’ve got your initial starter. This will be both a challenge and a thrill to have to write about each prompt in some way, shape, or form.  Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll double up some days if I have any other pressing thoughts of my own for other posts. But this will help me break out of my comfort zone just a little bit and expand my writing to something else. Also, feel free to give me any prompts yourself or direct me to your favorites. I always love new ideas to write about! I really want this to be an active blog, even if I have an audience of five people (and that’s high-balling it).


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