30 Days of Writing Prompts–Days 1-9

(These few will be more condensed than I hope the future prompts will be. I’m squeezing 9 into one post, and don’t think anyone wants 5-paragraph essays on 9 topics.)

1. Tell us about something sweet.
I could go into detail about agave nectar and natural sweeteners and my new favorite paleo treats, or I could tell you some work stories. Work stories are much more magical than any post about food I could come up with.
A few days ago I was down at Funload, or Dante’s 10th circle of Hell, counting down the minutes until I could be rotated to the next position. When I’m down there, I am still extremely pleasant, as it’s the only way to stay awake and functional. I tell guests goodbye, or thank you, or have a good night, then they leave. Sometimes little kids will stop and talk to me. This particular night, a little girl and her mother walk past and her mom says to her, “Tell her!” and this three-year-old looks up and me and says, “Have…a…magical …night!” and I stood there and cried internally for the rest of the rotation.

Another time, I was at merge, and a girl about my age came down through stand-by with her friends. She had a very dapper dress on and I complimented her and told her that I thought your dress was beautiful. As she walked down the Port side queue, she turned back to me and said, “YOU’RE beautiful!” and I stood down there, dumbfounded.

Another night, I was walking in front of the ride and gave a family directions to Fantasyland (easily the worst place to get directions to) and as I walked away, I heard the little girl tell her parents, “She was nice!!”

It’s sweet things like this that make up for any crappy guest that can ever come through to try and make my day miserable. It’s virtually impossible for anyone to ruin my day when I have sweet families who can turn any moment around and be just as magical (if not more so) to me as it is to them. That’s what working for Disney means to me.

2. What was the last thing that made you laugh?


After sleeping next-to-literally all day, I walked into the living room to my roommates watching Hercules. This quote will forever make me laugh because it’s the absolute greatest. Honestly, Hercules is full of so many great moments that are easily forgotten. How many times a week do I go up to someone and say, “Hey kid, you wanna buy a sundial?” because it’s probably a lot. Just the overall style of this movie is so reminiscent of classic cartoon humor that I will always love. 

3. What is your favorite movie?

I’m a chick that loves her movies. I’m one of those who LOVES EVERY MOVIE SHE SEES AND EACH NEW ONE IS HER FAVORITE. I love every genre. My Netflix “recently watched” is a mess. In my “Recommended for you” section, it looks like I’m a family of 5 with a foreign exchange student living with them. Asking a person like me about her favorite movie is the same as asking me about my favorite book, or a mother about her favorite child. It can’t be done.

With that said, my go-to movies that I will forever cherish are easier.

  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Gone With The Wind
  • Treasure Planet
  • Thumbelina
  • This Is The End
  • Rocky
Of course, there are dozens more, but this is an alright mixture of the types of movies I like. You’ve got your classics, your rom-coms, your animation, your comedy, and your Stallone. I can’t help it. I like movies. 

4. Have you made any progress with your resolutions from the beginning of the year?

I stopped making NY’s Resolutions. Why wait till the beginning of the year to make a change? I don’t believe that resolving to do something should be confined to January 1st when you could just as easily start in June. My paleo journey started June 1st. I didn’t have any specific reason for that date, it was just a day I woke up and said, “I’m tired of living the way I am, so I’m going to change.”

Also, people get so worked up about New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t want that stress on myself to conform and make a resolution just because everyone else is.

5. How do you handle change?
Change is something everyone has to deal with in some way or another. In some ways I’m alright when it comes to change, and in others I’m not so hot.

For example: I was more than fine with moving to Florida. This has been a long time coming, and I was fully committed to being here and making that move. Everything seemed to be perfectly lined up in order for me to be here, so the change for me was a little too easy, I think.

At the same time, it’s been hard having so many people leave now that I’m here. It nearly killed me to have my best friend here go back home, and I suddenly felt the pain my mom did with me leaving home. As crappy as it makes me feel, I miss Skylar more than I  miss Jaelen. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love Jaelen any less than I ever have, or that I’m better friends with Skylar. None of that is true. But I have been away from Jaelen and we’ve had a long-distance best friendship for a long time. It’s been normal to be away from her when it was so sudden when Skylar had to leave.

Change is something that I handle situationally. Some things are easier to let go than others. But in the past I’ve had more trouble because everyone in my life was able to move on sooner than I was. But now I don’t feel so left behind and the change has been easier.

6. National Doughnut Day! Will you be celebrating with homemade doughnuts or picking up a box at the store? Share your best doughnut story or recipe.

With my new Paleo lifestyle, I was not an observer of National Donut Day. I’ve seen some recipes for paleo donuts, but have yet to try any of them. So hang tight and possibly someday I’ll try one and share it. I do remember way back when in Preschool, when it was my day to bring snacks, my mom would bring donut holes for the class. It’s not a great story, but it’s more of a memory, I guess?

 7. What is something you always take with you on vacation?
Any time we go on vacation, my packing list starts being compiled a week early. My bags are packed five days early, and I’m in the car first thing in the morning the day we’re supposed to leave. My must-haves are:

  •  my camera
  •  necessary chargers
  • more books than I could possibly read on a trip
  • earphones
  • my pillow

8. When did you learn how to swim?
I’ve known how to swim for as long–and longer–as I can remember. I could swim before I could walk. I remember taking swimming lessons and they made me open my eyes underwater and tell them which color diving ring they held in front of me. I was always afraid to open my eyes so I would guess.

I was also that kid with the irrational fear of sharks in the pool. Honestly, I still kind of am. I won’t go to a pool by myself. Weird? Definitely. 

9. What are your five can’t-miss blogs? Write about them, and give some link love.

The first blog I ever really followed was Ree Drummond. She sent me a signed cookbook and I fangirled majorly.

I also love keeping up with Joseph Birdsong through his blog. I watch his videos on YouTube as well, and it’s just another outlet to experience his dry humor. 
My coworker, Ian, just shared a link to his blog a few days ago and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking through it. He has a great writing style and some great topics that go beyond your typical Disney park enthusiast blog. 
But, honestly, I don’t follow that many blogs. I’ve been dying to find more average Joe blogs like mine to follow, but it’s tough. I stick to mostly YouTube video blogs, where my list is infinite. 


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