See You Soon, Pirates. I’ll Be Back.

Lots of things have changed in the past few weeks. A lot of my plans were affected and it’s thrown me (and a lot of other CPs) into a really awkward state of Limbo when it comes to our Disney Careers. I haven’t written anything about it yet because whatever I said would come out wrong and negative about the Company, and that’s not what I feel.

My plan after August 1 was to go seasonal in my area until I was offered a part-time position. A few weeks before the end of my program, I took the proper steps to contact my managers and let them know my plans to stay with the company by first going seasonal (having full availability) and eventually getting part-time and full-time. They began the paperwork and during the last week of my program  I asked if I would be able to start picking up shifts for the following week seasonally. I was told everything was set up for me to become seasonal so the shifts would be no problem.

 5 shifts submitted later, and the beginning of my last week as a CP, an email was sent out to the entire resort telling managers that the requirements for going seasonal had changed and it would affect everyone, even those already prepared to be seasonal in the next few days. This is where my story can get negative so I’ll try really hard to avoid that. Basically, the decision made was wrong, but it can’t be fixed and everyone stampeded Casting begging for jobs because leases have been signed and plans to live here permanently were already made.

I’m really touched at how other people in the Company have done everything they can to help us, though. My managers were just as upset as those of us affected, and were trying to find out as much information as they could. They took my cell phone number and we corresponded over e-mail as well about the status of this whole thing. The area manager went to meeting with other high-up people to try and come up with a solution. The people at Casting made calls for us and are trying to get us to start in new roles as soon as possible. Everyone has been so kind and have done what they can and it means a lot to know that someone does care, even if nothing comes of it.

When I went to Casting to beg for a job, the woman said my best bet would be Merchandise or Quick Service. I filled out my form with my five Merch locations I wanted:

  1. Storybook Circus
  2. Tomorrowland
  3. World of Disney
  4. Sunset
  5. Adventureland

With that said, I will be starting my role in Merchandise in Storybook Circus on August 19th. It isn’t Pirates for sure, but it’s better than Quick Service. I’m kind of excited, because it will be a good skill to have, and another chapter in my Disney Career story until I can get back to Ad/Lib. I’m still on the list for Full-Time in Ad/Lib, so I’ll be back. I can also pick up Pirate shifts until the big OG update happens.

My roommate, Ryan, also got Storybook Circus merch, so we will be working together!!
That’s another change: my roommates. Back this summer, I had planned on living with someone else, and we didn’t make much effort to look at places. It started stressing me out that I didn’t have a place to live lined up, and Ryan called me and said they needed another person THAT NIGHT to sign paperwork to get this house. Quick decision, and so far it’s been the greatest decision I could have made. I love all my roommates, Beth, Ryan, Shane, and Alec, and I love our house and I love everything about living the way we do so far. I hope it’s a really good year for us with little conflict.