A Series of Unfortunate Events Read-Along

Browsing Tumblr, as one does, I came across this post and got majorly excited for life. At first, I thought I had missed the start date, but then realized that the event doesn’t start until Sunday-perfect timing? I think so. Here is what’s happening, copied from the original post linked above:

Who? One and all are welcome to join in the readalong, whether this will be your first or millionth time reading the series. 
How?Together we shall be reading one book of Snicket’s tridecalogy a week, posting updates as regularly as we’re able. Post quotes, thoughts, reviews, recommendations, whatever takes your fancy! Just make sure to tag it #asouereadalong so we can all enjoy it together on our various functioning devices. 
During each week there will also be a challenge to complete. The specifics of each challenge shall be posted at the beginning of the week. Challenges will be tagged #asouereadalongchallenge, and we ask you tag your responses this also. 
When? The readalong begins on Sunday the 28th of September, with one book assigned to each week beginning on Sundays and ending on Saturdays. 
  • 28/09/14 – 04/10/14: The Bad Beginning
  • 05/10/14 – 11/10/14: The Reptile Room
  • 12/10/14 – 18/10/14: The Wide Window
  • 19/10/14 – 25/10/14: The Miserable Mill
  • 26/10/14 – 01/11/14: The Austere Academy
  • 02/11/14 – 08/11/14: The Ersatz Elevator 
  • 09/11/14 – 15/11/14: The Vile Village 
  • 16/11/14 – 22/11/14: The Hostile Hospital 
  • 23/11/14 – 29/11/14: The Carnivorous Carnival 
  • 30/11/14 – 06/12/14: The Slippery Slope
  • 07/12/14 – 13/12/14: The Grim Grotto 
  • 14/12/14 – 20/12/14: The Penultimate Peril 
  • 21/12/14 – 27/12/14: The End 

Let me tell you a few things.

Growing up, I didn’t read Harry Potter. But I remember the day at the library when my mom handed me The Miserable Mill and told me that it looked like something I would enjoy reading. I found The Bad Beginning and from there I was hooked on this series. This series WAS my Harry Potter. The friend I had at the time was equally obsessed with these books and we would write letters using VFD’s Bell code, we would try to answer all the unsolved mysteries these books offered, and lived these books just like the HP fans did with their world.

Now that I’ve read Harry Potter, I enjoy that series and love being immersed into the world of witches and wizards and magical beasts. But Lemony Snicket will forever be the author of my adolescence, a title J. K. Rowling can never have.   Count Olaf will be scarier than Voldemort could ever be, because Count Olaf was much more real as a villain; he actually is more on par with Delores Umbridge. A Series of Unfortunate Events and Harry Potter have very similar qualities in their plots, but I am not about to compare them (not right now anyway. Maybe I’ll work on that).

As this read-along goes on, I will write about my process reading the series for the third time. The last time I re-read the books,  I went through with tabs and highlighters to try and piece together the mysteries given. With those notes, the companion books to the series, and even the spin-off series Lemony Snicket recently began working on, I hope to discover new plot points that I forgot about or didn’t catch the first two times. I hope you also join me in this read-along for the next three months and re-live some unfortunate times in the Baudelaire children’s lives starting Sunday!


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