It’s Been Eighty-Four Years…

Obviously, it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog. I never said I was good at keeping this going. But since my last post in January, a lot has changed with me. I transferred from Merchandise back to Ad/Lib Attractions, getting my Pirate updates. I got cross-trained in Fastpass+, and stood at the Pirate Refurb wall all summer. Then, in July, I accepted a full-time transfer to Frontierland Attractions, being trained at Splash Mountain. I got a dog, I started talking to one guy (read: Immature Fuckboy), then I upgraded to a relationship with a wonderful and caring man. I moved into a new apartment. I got a new roommate and lost a few others. My grandparents came to visit me in Florida. I went to Texas to be in my best friends’ wedding. I burned bridges with people I never had a chance to meet. The last nine months since I’ve updated my blog have been a time for growing and learning. I can’t guarantee I’ll be any better about writing, but I know I have a lot of really exciting things happening both in the present and the future.


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