Baby’s First Jack-O-Lantern

In my 21.8 years (give or take), I’ve never carved a pumpkin. Most of that is due to the fact that I never celebrated Halloween in any form until college. Even then, the last three years I haven’t done much as far as festivities go.
–2012 I dressed up and went to a few Halloween events in college. (Costume- Ramona Flowers)

–2013 I went to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom (Costume- Sally)

–2014 I was working every treat shift I could possibly pick up, as well as attending MNSSHP. (Costume- Charlotte LaBeouf)

–2015 I worked a few treat shifts, and attended MNSSHP. (Costume- “Lord Valyce’s Girlfriend”)
But last night, Halloween night, I carved my first pumpkin. I searched for so long to find a pumpkin (last-minute), and found a perfect one in addition to the one my roommates let me have. In addition to carving a pumpkin, I bought pre-cut sugar cookies in pumpkin form and decorated them with black icing. The icing was too runny and hard to control, so thank god I don’t have pictures of how bad they looked. 
Overall, my night was wonderful. I got to spend a great holiday with my Love; listening to spooky music, watching a scary movie (The House on Haunted Hill), and doing traditional Halloween tasks. Jay and I appeased the spirit of Halloween, little Sam, and got our pumpkins out before Midnight. We also handed out candy to the very few trick-or-treaters who came to the door. Whether you spent it working, hiding at home with the lights off, or enjoying the holiday, I hope your Halloween was everything you wanted it to be. And now that it’s November, I wish you a very merry Christmas season! Time to put out the garlands and trees and stockings! 


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