Pursuing a Degree in Communications

Yesterday I touched on the idea of going back to school. I’ve been researching some different options, from online courses through Texas Tech, University of Phoenix, Valencia, and UCF. University websites are the worst. They’re nothing but labyrinths of information to get lost in. But I’m extremely inspired right now to buckle down and gain some focus on a goal. I’ve said for two years that I’m not that interested in going back to school; I’ve asked people to stop inquiring when I’m going back to get a degree. The answer is now probably Summer 2016.

I’m really inspired right now to do something. I’ve been needing something to do besides sit around watching Netflix; something productive needs to be done. School isn’t going to hurt me one bit. Three or four classes a year won’t get me anywhere fast, but it’ll get me there eventually.

In 2012 I graduated high school and began my college career at Hardin-Simmons University. I already had 12 dual credit hours under my belt from high school, and started at the university taking general studies courses my first semester. Originally, I was going along the Spanish Education route. Before I even took a Spanish or an Education class I knew I didn’t want to teach. So at the end of my first semester,  I changed my major to just Spanish and would figure something out later. I knew I didn’t want to just be a Spanish major, but I didn’t know what else to choose at the time so I left it at that. For a while I considered leaving it, and then getting certified as a translator. This would make the most sense for keeping Spanish. Instead, I went to the academic advisors and talked with them for a long time about my interests and my career goals. After that meeting, we decided Public Relations might be the way to go. At this point, the spring semester was almost over and I didn’t have a chance to take any Communication classes. After that semester, I went home to Lubbock and transferred to Texas Tech for a semester before moving to Florida. At TTU, my only class was a PR class. And I loved it. From the class, it seemed like a good balance of being in an  air-conditioned office, but also being able to get out and do some hands-on work through writing and partnering with other business areas. I’m still very interested in pursuing a Public Relations-type degree.

A few things I have discovered in my school search: Florida Schools don’t offer solely PR degrees, and they don’t do it online. So it’s back to the drawing board. I do know that the University of Phoenix offers a Public Relations/Organizational Communication degree, which I’m still looking into. Valencia offers the same degree transfer plan, but UCF doesn’t offer it online.

I have officially applied to the UCF College of Sciences with intentions of majoring in Communication and Conflict. I have sent out lots of e-mails to transfer departments about my credits coming over from Texas schools. I have reached out the the head of the department for further information on it. I know I want a Communications degree, and this seems like it’s the best for what’s offered as well as my career with Disney. Communication and Conflict is a little more of a business management degree than I thought I would be interested in, but I feel like the required classes will benefit me in working for such a large company, even if management isn’t something I’m interested in. Having a degree with a management slant will (hopefully) make me a stronger and better utilized Cast Member wherever my career takes me.

As far as a minor goes, Spanish isn’t offered online. That’s okay. I still have every Spanish text book from high school and college and can easily keep fresh and teach myself vocabulary. Out of the online minors offered, I’m going back and forth between Journalism Studies and Mass Communication. This makes my studies as a whole closer to a PR-type degree, without the title of “Public Relations.” Because both minors seem so incredibly up my alley, I might just have to double minor, or I’ll eventually make a decision.

No matter how much I work, I still get bored. Hopefully I can channel that boredom into something useful for the future. Who knows, maybe I’ll find myself writing for the Disney Parks Blog someday. Funny how that was the first thing I ever said I wanted to do for Disney. Even in choosing a major with my advisors, that was the thought I had. Now, I don’t necessarily think I’ll ever be doing that, but who knows? I do know come January I’m putting in a transfer for a change. And the Summer brings new things as well.


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