Happy December!

December is a great month. First and foremost, it’s my birthday month! I don’t know about you, but I’ll be feeling 22 this year. It’s also the time where my year-round Grinch quotes are finally accepted.

I love the Hallmark-ness of Christmas. I love the old movies, the tv specials, the cookies. My dad always had the most perfect decorations at the house. Our house is straight out of a magazine for every day of the year; Christmas isn’t any different. Even though it isn’t very cold here in Florida, I have the strong need to make a big batch of my Munner’s hot chocolate mix and my mom’s Puppy Chow Chex Mix.

I went about 8 years without celebrating Christmas. My family celebrated Hanukkah, and we were pretty traditional with it. I remember spending many of those years in New Mexico mountains, lighting our menorahs against snowy backdrops. I found a blog that mentioned growing up celebrating both holidays, and she included a recipe for latkes. Now I need to go to the store and make them for my roommates. If nothing else about December is great, the food is incredible.

Our apartment Christmas tree

 I put up our tree a few nights ago with the help of Cody. I need to get quality photos of it at night and from outside. The only photos I have are the ones taken on my phone. We also have a cheap garland with some lights and candy canes hanging from it on our bar. Next year I hope I get to do a little more as far as decorations; then again, I hope I’m not under so much financial stress next year. I will admit to being a little underwhelmed with my decorating skills. These are a few of my most favorite ornaments on the tree:

My baby ornament.

A cool t-rex.

A gift from my Munner a few years back.

I always keep my Christmas music on my playlists. Here are a few of my favorite albums:

I hope it gets colder before Christmas. At least a little bit colder. I need an opportunity to wear my sweater, and it’s hard to do that when it’s still in the 80’s in the afternoon. Christmas in Florida just isn’t the same. My dream is to someday take a trip to New York in the winter. My bucket list includes New Years Eve in Times Square. Some day I will have enough seniority to ask off and take that trip. 
I’ve got some fun little things planned in between now and Christmas. Nothing too big, but still fun and festive. I’m hoping to cook and make some of these delicious goodies for the boys (my roommates and boyfriend), and hopefully enjoy some of the holiday offerings around Disney property. Work is going to start to be more and more busy as schools are letting out and holidays begin. Come January life will slow down again and I will hopefully continue the process of finding a new home at Disney, as well as starting school. The year has flown by. Here’s to the last month! 

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