I Miss Reading

I miss reading so much. I used to read non-stop back before I moved to Florida. My bookshelves are still a source of pride, but I’m also ashamed when I look at them and I know how many books I haven’t finished yet.

My shelves are so beautiful. I love organizing and reorganizing them.

I have 277 books on my shelves. I have only read 168 of them. Granted, some of those total books are single-issue comic books or bound collections of more than one novel. But I have approximately 277. This means I’ve got nearly 40% of my books unfinished or totally unread. This is a problem to me.

I love talking books. Jay and I sat at lunch the other day just talking about books. Reading is so important to me, but I’ve seriously neglected my love for it in the last few years. I’m so tired after work, the last thing I want is to turn my brain on and read. I’d rather shut down and surf the web. Even writing is easier to me than reading. But I can tell that I’m suffering intellectually.

Since working for Disney, I have started using smaller words in conversation. So many of our guests are from other countries, and English is not their first language. I try to speak in a slow and easy-to-understand manner, but that affects me personally. Because I’m not reading and I haven’t been writing, my vocabulary has weakened substantially. I don’t like this.

Another reason I haven’t read much this year is that I have so many series to begin, but no money to continue buying them as I read. Yet stand-alone novels don’t entice me as much, because I love being immersed in a world in more than one book. I won’t allow myself to buy any more books until I finish at least a few that I already have.

My Goodreads account is crying. I have so many to-read books that I am craving to buy, but because of my book ban, they’re just sitting there. I need to work on reading more so I can buy more books. Even with starting school next summer, I really want to read at least a book a week. I feel like that isn’t much to ask for, right?

As much as I don’t need recommendations, I’m always accepting them. Maybe it’s one I already have on my shelf and it will give me more incentive to pick it up. Or if nothing else, it would give me the motivation to read what I have so I can acquire more books later. Check out my Goodreads account and let me know what should be a priority to read next!


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