Fa La La La La

Merry Christmas, everyone! I realize I’m getting this post out the day after Christmas, but with the work schedule I have this week, that’s to be expected. It’s not like I’m a famous blogger with a large following, expecting me to post every day. For my few friends and family members who read this, thank you. I hope your holiday season has gone and will continue to go smoothly and safely and happily.

I had a wonderful, albeit very untraditional Christmas. But I decided that because of the lifestyle I have, Untraditional is the new Traditional. Christmas for me is a time of severe planning and rearranging to make things work to spend time with the people I love. I’ve been having Christmas (and birthday) since November when Jay got my gift early and on a whim. As much as I say I want a Hallmark Christmas, working for Disney makes that hard.

Because of this, other Cast Members open their homes to try and make the holiday special for those who can’t spend it with their biological families. Some of my coworkers were invited by guests to spend Christmas with them. Roommates pull together to make our little family spend some time together, even if it’s in a rush. I tried really hard to make Jay’s and my first Christmas together special. My parents drove down from St. Augustine to spend Christmas Eve in a hotel to celebrate after I got off work. It’s still Christmas, just without the slowing down to spend it together.

For Jay and myself, our Christmas was the most spread out. We went in November to get my gift, and he’s still working on another one for me that isn’t ready yet. But for the actual holiday, we celebrated it on Tuesday. I came over after work and made dinner (chicken and dumplings–yum), then he opened his presents from me, and his dogs’ presents from Twix. The next morning Christmas continued and I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. It wasn’t as fancy as my Dad usually does for special breakfasts, but it would do. Then we picked up and rolled out and went to see Star Wars. And that was our first Christmas.

Christmas Eve was spent working with my Bears. After work, I went to meet up with my family at a hotel near Disney Springs. We opened our stockings and begged to open presents before we left for dinner. We Facetimed my Papa, and called my Nana and our friend Sheila since we couldn’t be together for the holiday. We went to dinner at Saratoga Springs, and it was perfect weather to sit outside and eat. Of course, it wasn’t “winter,” but it was very pleasant. Upon going back to the hotel, Dad had picked out some fancy desserts to share, then we went to Disney Springs. I needed to stop by Starbucks on my way home, and my dad seems to enjoy walking through the insane crowds on Christmas Eve. It was a wonderful few hours spent with my family for the holidays.

I woke up at 5:30 on Christmas day. Not a creature was stirring, because Twix knows I don’t wake up that early and was very confused when I took her outside. Jay and I both worked at 7:15, so up we were, leaving the apartment a little after 6:00am. Splash Mountain was insane. First opening wasn’t any different than a normal day, but at 12:30 when we had a queue of 105 minutes and we suddenly had to dump it, that was completely insane. I didn’t know our queue could hold so many people.

Generally, I didn’t have really upset guests yesterday. I had a few that weren’t happy with the Fastpass+ system and thought it was “retarded” and “fucking ridiculous” but other than that, even with dumping our line, no guests got upset directly with or at me. Most of the people I interacted with were very kind. One little girl came up to me with a card and told me, “Thank you so much for working on Christmas.” We had a few crazy moments on Christmas, and I know some people had it worse than I did, but I actually enjoyed my time at The Mountain for once.

There were a few things I’m sad I missed doing. Mostly photos. I wanted a Christmas photo with my roommates, with my dog, with my boyfriend, with my family. I wanted to send out more cards and do more crafts and have more decorations. But for one of my first Christmases as an adult on my own, I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out.


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