What I Would Do With $1.4 Billion

With all this talk of the Powerball, I will admit that I gave in and bought tickets. Why not? The grand prize is 1.4 BILLION dollars, how can you not at least take a shot? You either win something or you lose $2. The odds of winning the grand prize are 1 in 292,201,338, and no one has won in months. But the odds are worse if I don’t play at all.

So I bought 10 tickets, and tonight we will see what I win. I’m feeling confident, because why not? I’ve never done anything like this; I’ve never bought lottery tickets or put in the effort to care about it. But with it being such a hot topic right now I thought it might be fun to say I was a part of the national hubub.

What would I do with that kind of money? There’s honestly very little that I want or need. Still, I have a list of things that I would do with any expendable money I were to receive. Here we go. In no particular oder I would:

  • Pay off Jay’s and my student loans (and be able to pay for all the school in the future), as well as any credit card debt between the two of us
  • Buy a small house/condo in cash so I only have to worry about property taxes and utilities
  • Pay off my car
  • Buy Jay a motorcycle
  • Buy my parents a house and pay off whatever debt they have
  • Have my own personal library
  • Adopt more dogs. Hell, we’ll have a dalmatian plantation
  • Get more tattoos

And even then, I’d still have millions and millions of dollars left. I’d take time off from work and take adventures. I’d travel and visit all the Disney parks worldwide. I’d take trips I’ve always envied people taking to countries all over the world. I’d help my friends and family that might be struggling financially. And of course, I’d put lots in savings and invest the rest.


Ican’t even picture what $1.4 billion dollars would look like. I imagine Scrooge McDuck and his swimming pool of gold coins. 

Honestly, besides being debt-free and living on my own, not much would actually change. I would still work, otherwise I’d be bored as hell. But I could focus on things that bring me joy because I wouldn’t have to worry so much about being able to pay for necessities. I’m just dreaming. It’s fun to think about all the things I would do with such a large sum of money. Most of what is on my list are things that I’m working toward anyway. But it would  be fun to pay it down immediately.

What would you do if you were to win the lottery? I feel like most people would have a list similar to mine.



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