Stay Safe, Friends

Wow, friends. There’s a lot of shit that has been happening very close to me recently. First a few nights ago there was a shooting at a concert, killing the performer Christina Grimmie while she was meeting her fans. Second there was another shooting and hostage situation just last night at Pulse, a gay club. Both of these shootings happened in Orlando.
I woke up this morning to texts from the group chat between one of my best friends and my roommates asking if we were okay. After realizing what happened, I jumped on Twitter to see all of the comments from the news, from my friends, and the drag queens I follow. It’s such an awful thing to wake up to, especially with it being a place I visit. 

 While I haven’t been to a concert in over a year and I was not at all familiar with Christina Grimmie as an artist, it’s so scary to know that these things do happen so close to home. I do go to Pulse often enough with my friends and roommates, and that is even scarier to know I could have known someone that was there last night. 
I’m not going to be one of the people who say “All of this happening in Orlando is so awful. I just can’t feel safe anywhere anymore.” It is awful. People are awful. But I don’t live my life believing that I am not safe. I do my best to put myself in situations that keep me safe, I make decisions based on that idea. But I am not fearful with a “nowhere is safe” mentality. I do put a lot of faith in our security partners at Disney that they assist in keeping guests and cast safe during the day, and I do hope they take their roles seriously especially after this week. 

 We had a class at Disney recently that taught us if you see something, say something. Don’t wait until 20+ people are dead to come forward as a witness. 
Any of us could have been involved in these events. This could happen anywhere. I’m used to it happening “anywhere” and not in my city. But the truth of it is that anyone is capable of such awful violence, but you can’t live in fear of it happening to you. Be proactive when you go out and be aware of and for the people around you. Do your best to keep yourself and others safe no matter the situation you might find yourself in. 
This isn’t meant to be a detailed journalistic post. If you want those details you can Google them. This also isn’t meant to be a political post about gun laws, because I’m not knowledgable enough in that to comfortably put those opinions out there. This is nothing more than a reminder to whoever may read this post to be safe in any situation. It isn’t well-written and wasn’t planned at all. I just felt the need to write something quickly on such a prevalent story that happened so close to me.  



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