Good Night, and Good Luck (A Post About Saying Goodbye to Facebook)

I made a post a few months back in which I discussed cutting back on my Facebook usage. For me, the site has become a very negative space. It has been an overwhelming conglomerate of ads and events and group messages and political opinions and all around not a place I felt at home in anymore.

Having a Facebook made every interaction feel like an obligation. I had an obligation to accept every friend request of every friend of a friend I met this one time and will never see again. I had an obligation to wish every person I never talk to a happy birthday. I had an obligation to post things that would be widely accepted amongst the varied groups on my timeline. So often I found myself sharing a post for one group, while it alienated another. Facebook, for me, became a place where I was not allowed to fully be myself.

The obligation to add everyone I had ever met fed this feeling. When you have conservative friends from high school that you went to church with and liberal friends from your current life, there’s not much you can post to please everyone. So often I purged my friends’ list to get rid of people I no longer shared a common interest or opinion with that I realized there aren’t many people I want that close to me.

My blog is mine and mine alone. No one is being forced to read it because they scrolled through at midnight. If you’re here, you want to be. This is my place where I can speak openly and freely and not be censored by people who do not agree with me and want to start an argument. My Twitter is for my stream-of-conciousness thought process. It may not always be right, and I’ve said a lot of things that turned out to be big mistakes, but it’s my way of putting my feelings out into the world without feeling hurt if no one responds. Facebook is all about “likes,” and not getting the response you want or need is an awful feeling. My Instagram, Twitter, Blog, and Snapchat, are for me to express myself. I don’t need responses or attention on those accounts. I did on Facebook.

My Facebook is still “active” because I have seven years worth of photos on there. Some of those photos are nowhere else but my Facebook or they’re more easily accessible there. Not to mention I still want to be able to access my shift exchanges for work and other groups on there. But as far as my friends go, I have deleted everyone. My settings (should be) changed as well. Maybe some day I will feel differently and can go back and add the friends I really want to keep in contact with. For now, however, I have my other accounts and my number to text with, and that’s all I need.

I love social media. It’s a major passion of mine and I’m very involved in it, but with all of the things I’m going through right now, Facebook just isn’t the place for me. I hope the distance allows me to write on here more to keep an updated account of my progress through life. 13567469_10208562718818478_6215295354668456589_n