What’s New?

Hello, friends; it’s been a while.

It’s about time I give a little update to how my life has been the past few months with my lack of updating this space. While I wouldn’t say there’s been any incredible changes to my life worth individual posts, there have been quite a few shifts that I’d love to give a documented update to my blog.

The last post I made here was an announcement that I was leaving Facebook. Two and a half months later and I haven’t regretted that decision once. Getting rid of that one pressure and stressor has made my life so much better and healthier. I still use other kinds of social media to keep in touch with friends, but it’s honestly been the best time for me to not have Facebook and I haven’t missed it once. Maybe someday I’ll go back, but I don’t have plans to right now.

I’ve been making great strides in my mental health since my last posts as well. As I progress I may make a full post detailing my changes there, but just know that I’m in a much better place mentally and emotionally than I have been in the last year. After a mental breakdown at work and a talk with my leaders, I was able to get the medical help I’ve been avoiding and it’s done wonders for me so far. I do think someday I want to go to therapy as a regular thing, because I think it’s extremely important to talk things through with a professional even if it’s just every day troubles. Mental health is something people don’t like discussing, but I think we should.

As far as my emotional state goes for relationships, I’m still all over the place. I’m still not healed from my breakup and I don’t know if it’s really possible to completely be okay after the kind of heartbreak I suffered losing Jay. To be honest, I will never fully forgive myself for causing our relationship to end. But I have made a 180 and have been at least allowing myself to try and have fun. No one will ever be Jay and I would drop everything to be with him again if he asked, but I’m not going to sit around and feel lonely even though I still miss him every day.

My work life is phenomenal. I’ve found my place again and I couldn’t be happier when it comes to where I’m at in my Disney career. I’m still growing and learning and I’ve found a location where I’m loved and supported and feel at home with everyone I’m around. Hopefully within the next year I’ll have made great strides in doing what I want with the company and achieving my goals with the help of the fabulous leadership team I work with.

Things are looking up for me. This year still isn’t anything like I expected or wanted it to be, but at least things have gotten to be a little bit brighter in the second half of the year. Hopefully the next year brings me lots of good news and growth in my life. There’s still a lot I’m working on and hope to achieve within my personal life and my professional life. I hope to update this more often with my journey. Thanks for joining me.