Snapchat Spectacles


A few weeks ago, my roommate, Cody, came home from the mall with a pair of Spectacles from Snapchat. After five minutes of me judging him for buying them, I found myself on their website placing an order for my very own pair.

Let me tell you, these glasses are so fucking cool. They connect via bluetooth to your phone and Snapchat account. To take a video, you push a button on the top of the frame and the glasses will record ten seconds of whatever you’re looking at.

Once your video is imported to your Snapchat, you can access it in your Memories and edit it, add text or emojis, and save it to your Camera Roll all before sharing it on your Snapchat Story. What I think makes these really cool is that it gives you that first-person POV feeling with the immediate sharing abilities that you get with Snapchat.  Go-Pros give you a similar perspective, but that requires uploading to a computer before you can share it with anyone online.


The Spectacles come in three colors: black, pink, and teal. They are $129.99 with free shipping and they come with a protective charging case (!!!!!), a charging cable, and a Snapchat ghost-shaped cleaning cloth. In case you missed it, the way the Spectacles charge is with the case itself. To do this, you charge the case and when you place the glasses inside, the case charges them. So cool.

Along with being such a fun product, the sunglasses are actually really high-quality, which surprised me. Not only do the lenses and frame feel sturdy, but the UV protection in the lenses themselves are better than any pair of sunglasses I’ve bought from Forever21 (shocker). You also have the ability to change out the lenses for prescription if you chose to.


Yes, these were expensive glasses for only serving one purpose. When I first heard about these I immediately thought about Google Glass and how that never really took off. I assumed this would be a similar product. However, as someone who is very invested in social media both for fun and as a future career, having another resource for accessing followers and produce content makes this product worth it to me. Plus, I love teal.